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Introducing our Acrylic Welcome Sign, a stunning and sophisticated addition to elevate the ambiance of any event, particularly perfect for weddings. Crafted with precision and style, this Wavy Elegant 3D Letters Wedding Welcome Sign features frosted acrylic that adds a touch of refinement to your special occasion.


Key Features:

  • Frosted Acrylic Elegance: The sign is made from high-quality frosted acrylic, providing a sleek and modern appearance. The frosted finish adds a touch of sophistication, creating a visually appealing welcome for your guests.


  • 3D Black Acrylic Letters: Elevate your welcome message with our intricately crafted 3D black acrylic letters. The depth and dimension of the letters not only catch the eye but also exude a sense of luxury and style.


  • Optimal Thickness: With a thickness of 3mm, our Frosted Acrylic Welcome Sign strikes the perfect balance between durability and elegance. The sturdy construction ensures a long-lasting product that withstands the test of time.


  • Standard Size: The standard size, as showcased in the image, measures 90x60cm (36"x24"). This ideal size ensures that the sign is large enough to make a statement but not overpowering, making it versatile for various event settings.


  • Print Method: The welcome sign is adorned with UV ink, ensuring vibrant and long-lasting printing. The UV printing method enhances the clarity of the design, while the 3D black acrylic letters add a touch of contrast and sophistication.


  • Round Corners: Attention to detail is key, and our Frosted Acrylic Welcome Sign features rounded corners for a polished and refined look. The rounded corners not only enhance the overall aesthetics but also contribute to the safety of handling.


Make a lasting impression with this Acrylic Welcome Sign, an exquisite blend of modern design and classic elegance. Whether it's a wedding, reception, or any special event, this sign is sure to leave a lasting memory with its unique combination of frosted acrylic and 3D black acrylic letters. Welcome your guests in style with this sophisticated and personalized touch.

Wavy Elegant 3D Letters Wedding Welcome Sign with Frosted Acrylic

3D Lettering Colour
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