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Elevate your cake presentation with our Thin Cross Cake Charms and Custom Name Cake Topper, a stunning combination for your special occasions. Crafted with simplicity and elegance in mind, these charms and topper are designed to add a touch of grace and personalization to your desserts.

The Thin Cross Cake Charms come in sizes ranging from 4 inches to 8 inches, perfect for religious ceremonies, baptisms, weddings, or any significant event where you want to incorporate a meaningful symbol. Use buttercream to adhere them to the face of your cake and watch them enhance your dessert presentation seamlessly.

The Custom Name Cake Topper adds a personalized touch to your cake, making it truly unique to your celebration. Crafted with precision, this topper adds a special flair to your dessert table and serves as a memorable keepsake. Width of Name cake topper is 6" wide.

Combine these beautiful accents to create a stunning focal point for your event. Speak with your baker or cake artist to seamlessly incorporate them into your cake design. Make your celebration even more memorable with our Thin Cross Cake Charms and Custom Name Cake Topper.

Thin Cross Charms and Name Cake topper

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