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This unique chopping board is precisely engraved with your coordinates and established date.


Use the engraved side as a decorative eye catcher and the other side for cutting or even as a charcuterie board.

This beautiful hardwood cutting board is available in walnut and cherry.

This trendy cutting board is easy to clean and takes up little space on a counter or in storage. These strikingly beautiful boards are handcrafted from high quality wood and are equipped with a rounded handle to facilitate transportation or to hang for efficient storage.


>Cutting board size: 10 ½” X 16” X ¾” or 14 ½" X 6" X ¾"


Our Boards are 3/4″ Thick

• One side can be used as a cutting board, the other side a charming addition to any home decor

• Conditioned with Mineral Oil to ensure long-lasting durability

Personalized Wood Board with Coordinates

  • No returns allowed due to the nature of the product

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