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Multi Colour Interchangeable school prop sign - (Rainbow colours - Red, Blue, Orange, Yellow, Green, Purple) - Repeat colours


for the grades 9. -12 - colours are Black, Blue, Yellow and Gold


We offer 2 different package options:


1. "First Day of" AND "Last Day of" apple signs with all 11 inserts from "Pre-K -Grade 8" - YOU WILL RECEIVE TWO APPLES (First Day and Last Day) and One (1) set of interchangeable grades


2. "First Day of" ONLY apple sign with all 11 inserts from "Pre-K-Grade 8"



1.Pre-K or Preschool (Indicate upon checkout)

2. JK, 

3. SK, 

4. 1st grade, 

5. 2nd grade, 

6. 3rd grade, 

7. 4th grade, 

8. 5th grade, 

9. 6th grade, 

10. 7th grade, and 

11. 8th grade.


OR Swap JK/SK to Kindergarten or Pre-K to Preschool).  State upon checkout


All other inserts from grades 1-12 remain written as above.  If you need them changed, contact us before purchasing so we can provide a quote - Design fees apply.



**Upgrade your apple with additional high school grades from 9-12 for an extra $18 for the 4 inserts!**

Choose which options you'd like from the drop-down lists.


**If purchasing for more than one child (Siblings), save on the inserts by using one set - contact us for your special order form.


** Upgrade to include interchangeable age (from age 4-18) - magnets - Sold Separately under a different listing Each disc are $3.00



**If you are looking for different wording on inserts other than noted above, please contact us to obtain a quote as it is an upgrade for design fees, once agreed on, we will send a special order form for you to purchase. **


The front of each apple is made of white dry erase board (so you can write in the date and erase using a dry erase marker)


The bottom layer apple and all inserts  are cut from 1/4" thick maple 




Approx. 8.5" high x 10.5" wide.


Turnaround time: Approx. 2-3 weeks from the time of ordering.  NO RUSH ORDERS  We custom make each item upon request.



First Day and Last Day of School Apple Photo Prop

  • Due to the nature of the product, no returns will be accepted